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Criminal Defense. Personal Injury. Good Advice.

Choosing a Criminal Defense or Personal Injury Attorney. Choosing a criminal defense attorney or personal injury attorney is an important decision. You naturally want the best attorney you can find. You want an experienced attorney who will understand you, take good care of you and be with you every step of the way. Someone you trust.

About Bill Sherry, Attorney: Focused on criminal defense and personal injury, in Minneapolis, MN, Bill Sherry defends clients in a variety of criminal defense practice areas in all Minnesota counties, working with injured people and people accused of breaking the law, to get back what they’ve lost and protect their future.

What to Expect: The best legal strategy depends on the unique circumstances of the individual situation. Relying on over 25 years of courtroom experience representing individual clients, Bill Sherry will take the time to accurately assess your situation and develop an effective legal strategy to meet your goals. As your attorney, Bill Sherry will make the commitment to represent you, being a detailed, persistent and tenacious advocate. As a client, you will be fully involved in the progress of your case, and you can expect your attorney to go the distance to fight for what is right.

Contact Bill Sherry directly: 952-423-8423.
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If you are still in the decision process or you just want to make sure you always have a good lawyer's number handy when you need it, I encourage you to put me in your contacts now (Bill Sherry, Attorney) and I'll be there when you need me.

All criminal charges, all Minnesota counties.
Over 25 years experience.

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Dakota County Criminal Defense Attorney and Personal Injury Attorney Bill Sherry
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